Sunday Florals 

It’s a Sunday! I love Sundays. They’re the kick your feet up and relax day of the week, and that’s my favourite kinda day. When I was younger, my family and I would go out for lunch on Sundays, and those are very warm memories. 

Today, I met a good friend of mine for lunch at a cute little cafe, and I chose to wear a floral dress to match my pleasant mood. I’m very happy today, for reasons unknown. Then again, do we need a reason to be happy? 

This dress is not in my usual style of dressing, but it is a lovely one, nonetheless. I bought it years ago, but I can count the number of times I’ve worn it on one hand. I should really remedy that, don’t you think?


Dress: Esprit

Shoes: Staccato 

Earrings: a gift 

Lipstick: MAC in Sin

I wore green slip ons with the outfit. They’re one of my favourites, especially paired with a nice dress like this one. I bought them in Hong Kong at this amazing store called Staccato. They had some great shoes and bags, and I will feature their items more often, as well. Accessories are the best, don’t you think?

I left my hair wavy and natural, and finished off my look with simple, bare eyes, only a brush of mascara, and bold lips. The earrings were a gift from an ex (at least something good came out of that!) and although I hardly embellish my ears (choosing to embellish my face instead) I figured, hey, I’m wearing this dress after a long time, might as well wear earrings, too. 

Hope you liked the outfit! Let me know in the comments. Do you enjoy floral on a Sunday as much as I am? 

Meow on, little kitties! 

Kim x 


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