Punk Pink + Curves

Let me tell you something about curves… If you got ’em, you make the most of them. I had a conversation with a friend the other night which revolved around owning your body, despite what you hate about it, because everyone hates something. At the end of the day. it all hinges on self-confidence and what we, not the world, think about ourselves. The thing is, we could whinge about how we’re too flat-chested for that dress, or too chubby for that skirt, but at the end of the day, you got to work it, anyway.

I like to wear what I like and not really think about whether I look fat in it, or not. I mean, yeah, I’m human, so I do worry now and then, but it doesn’t exactly dictate my wardrobe, and neither should it. I like being a curvy woman, so I roll with it.

Here, I’m wearing high waisted jeans and a cute little crop top. I went full black with my outfit, allowing the bright pink of my hair and makeup to bring in the colour to the look.


Top: Forever21

Jeans: H&M

Shoes: Michael Kors

Visual Story Image 1 Edited-4

These shoes give me  a lot of joy. They’re a new addition to my (massive) shoe collection, and they make Kim a happy Kim. I bought them on a recent trip to Europe, from Vienna, to be exact. I can’t not enter Michael Kors when I pass the store on the street, and these were a result of that.

Visual Story Image 1 Edited-2

Black jeans are a staple, aren’t they? I like these because they’re super ripped, and give me the right amount of grunge.

I thought the jeans would work well with the mesh sleeves of this crop top.

Visual Story Image 1 Edited-5

Meow on, little kitties!

Kim x



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