Black And Yellow + First Post!

I like to think that great things arise out of necessity. In this case, this blog has arisen out of my lack of anything to do. Freshly graduated from college, I’ve been flitting from one thing to the next, not really finding something that could hold my interest or satisfy me – something one would argue a millennial would say, but then again, I am a millennial, and I’m not going to get into the whole, millennials feel entitled thing, because it gives me a headache, and I’m here for joy, not headaches!

I like to dress up. I really do. Clothing and makeup and hair give me more joy than most other things, besides writing. Therefore, I have decided to combine the two (long time coming) and start this little blog.

I named it kimouflage, because around a year ago, I was planning on starting something similar (like I said: long time coming) and my boyfriend at the time suggested I combine camouflage with my name, Kim. It was the smartest idea ever, and I couldn’t have come up with it myself, so all credit goes to him! I’m sure if he reads this, he will have a little laugh about it.

Now, for a first post, I couldn’t exactly hire a photographer, so I went the self-timer route. It was a pain, and I was exhausted by the end of it (running back and forth to the camera) but it was a success! Yay!

Here, I style one of my favourite simple H&M dresses by jazzing up my legs. I’m not usually for the bright! colours, leaving them for my hair and makeup, but I sometimes experiment. This is probably my only piece of bright yellow clothing, but I like it. It makes me feel like a bird. Who doesn’t wanna feel like a bird, am I right?

Visual Story Image 1 Edited


Dress: H&M

Socks: Good Stuff

Shoes: H&M

Stockings: Zara

Choker: Street shopping (Mumbai)

Visual Story Image 1 Edited-5

I love these socks so much. I purchased them at a little pop up called Good Stuff, started by two very lovely siblings. I love their clothing, so I’ll be featuring it lots more! Show them some love! This pair has little stars and planets on it, and I think it is cutest thing. The artwork on their clothing is all original, and all kick ass!

The shoes are basic black sneakers that are a teensiest bit too tight for me, but when has a little pain stopped anyone from wearing something cute?

Visual Story Image 1 Edited-4

I wore my hair in space buns, because I wanted the pink to be out of the way in case it clashes with the yellow – and also because I love space buns. Cute, and easy! Win!

Lastly, I paired the entire ensemble with black lipstick. It goes so well with yellow!

Visual Story Image 1 Edited-2

Aren’t fishnets the best?

Visual Story Image 1 Edited-6

Meow on, little kitties,

Kim x

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